About ID Sports Australia

Behind every great idea is a great story. This is ours…

Our story begins with an amalgam of three very pivotal friends in 2016.

AFL Norm Smith Medallist Shaun Hart, two-time Australian Basketball Olympian and Boomer Captain Jason Smith and Sports Chaplaincy Australia CEO and Melbourne Football Club Chaplain Cameron Butler.

All three men had personally experienced the very tangible effects of mental and emotional health issues amongst teammates and coaches at every level.

Impassioned, Shaun, Jason and Cameron embarked on forming a vision and community to help Coaches and sports people rise above the personal and performance challenges most high performing sports environs face.

In 2016, ID Sports Australia was birthed with the principle aim in helping athletes begin discovering their full identity and purpose with the confidence to underpin accelerated performance.

Foundations for Performance

In his 20 years of pastoral care service in high performance sport Cameron Butler reflects on the crushing blow sports people face when forming their identity on their performance. “When athletes perform well they generally feel great about themselves and their life. However, all too often performance fails, injury occurs and careers end suddenly. It often had devastating personal outcomes.”

Jason Smith agreed, “When your life is defined by successful performance, emotions and perspectives often become manic and sometimes soul destroying” adding further “You even see this happen with the current generation [of] Millennials”.

Shaun Hart and his team are taking the opportunity to help coaches build strong principles around performance. “Personally, when I discovered the importance of focusing on something other than my performance I got freed-up and mentally healthy. I began to achieve beyond my wildest dreams.”

The Framework

In 2018 Shaun, Jason and Cameron, now joined by Rachel Jones a Sports Psychologist from Queensland and Kade Klemke Coach of the Canberra Demons in the NEAFL met with Mark Hull Doctor Jeff Duke’s Ed. D. representative from the 3D Institute. Dr. Duke is one of the foremost experts on the cultural influence of the coaching profession in the USA. He developed and authored the 3Dimensional Coaching framework that ID Sports now deliver across Australia.

In his doctoral research at Florida State University Dr. Duke created baseline data on how to analyse proficient elite level coaching methods. This framework has now helped coaches all over the world get the most out of their athletes and teams.

“…focusing on something other than my performance I got freed-up and mentally healthy. I began to achieve beyond my wildest dreams.”

Shaun Hart
AFL Norm Smith Medallist

Coaches View

In 2019 ID Sports ran a few trial 3D Coaching Seminars at Edihad Stadium with Coaches from local, high performance and sporting institutes to gauge feedback which was overwhelming. “When can we get trained?” was the overriding sentiment.

This lead to the redesign of the US based 3Dimensional Coaching framework for the Australian context.

3Dimensional Coaching

While the 3D Coaching framework has been helping coaches in popular sports including the NFL, NBA and US Olympic teams in recent years the IDSA team were proud to launch on March 2021in Sydney the 3D Coaching framework for Australia.

The great challenge 3D invites of coaches is “What legacy will you leave as a coach?”

The IDSA team look forward to helping you leave a great one!

There are so many reasons to start training coaches in 3D!