3D Coaching Workshops

ID Sports Australia is excited to offer the opportunity for you and your coaches to partner in our 3D Coaching Framework (3D) program.

We believe sports coaches are amongst the greatest assets we have in our community today. It is well documented that one coach will impact more people in one year than the average person does in a lifetime.

With all this influence comes great responsibility and coaches usually have two choices.

One to use that power over athletes to get what ‘they’ want, or use that power to serve people and outcomes which in turn transforms people and the sport itself.

What legacy will you leave as a coach and as an organisation?

The 3Dimensional Coaching Framework workshops begin this essential conversation and skill-up coaches to help transform their coaching style and in return tangibly impact their athletes and overall performance.

Choose from Half Day or Full Day Workshops

3D Introductory Workshops Include
  • Overview of 3D Coaching framework
  • Diagnosing 2nd & 3rd dimension issues
  • Understanding the 21st century athlete’s mindset
  • Developing strategies to motivate from within
  • Workshop practical coaching tools

3D Coaching Certificate

To further their training, once coaches complete the introductory workshop they can go on to complete the full certified 3D coaching program online.

This self-paced online course takes coaches on a journey towards defining their transformational purpose and creating a simple plan to fulfil it.

Along the way, coaches will discover important principles and learn practical strategies for:

  • Dealing with the “entitlement” mentality
  • Intrinsically motivating athletes
  • Harnessing the power of emotions
  • Fostering higher levels of confidence
  • Creating team cohesion
  • Effectively setting goals
  • Helping athletes develop character

You gain access to:

  • 18 teaching modules covering 2nd & 3rd dimension topics
  • 100+ short teaching videos (6.75 hours total)
  • Practical steps for writing your transformational purpose statement
  • Over 35 level 2 & 3 strategies in lesson plan format

Total course completion time is 19.5 hours

Coaching Huddles

Like athletes Coaches face constant pressure to achieve ‘high performance’ and ‘high outcomes’ and the judgement that often comes with it.

A vital part of IDSA’s mission is to facilitate private peer coaching huddles between like-minded coaches in local regions and online.

If you would like to participate in the ID Sports Coaching Network please contact our coaching facilitator here.

There are so many reasons to start 3D Coaching